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Vaidlok was born for a reason, and the reason is, that I was inspired by the story of my father. He has served thousands of people to overcome their born defection while accidents. in our Culture, it is called the Primary remedy for fixing Born issues. He then, known as a most famous hadved. and, this all was his passion and emotional connection to the society so that he never charged a single penny from anyone. I show people value a lot and shared lots of love and blessings for them and it helped us to grow in life. I went to the village one day, and I saw Cows eating Plastic & waste goods, I really didn't like it and I thought to do something. I and my father decided to open Gaushala because We respect Cow and their contribution to our life. We started Gudham, which is Our gaushala. Initially, we had 15 Cows, later We acquired 60+ and we have a big Cow Family. Now, with this family. we are enjoying fresh dairy products daily and helping many more in society with organic products. Desi Cow Ghee, helps in multiple ways to keep our body healthy. I show Cow Ghee is one of the important elements for the skin & hair. then, I research a lot and put my thoughts on paper and decide to add Ayurveda and ghee and created a product named Vaildlok Ghee. It is a hair oil and benefits a lot. This incident helped me to research more and I have acquired many other skincare & hair products, and I will start adding more. That's Vaildlok Ancient science for Ayurveda & Organic benefits of Ghee
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